Dr. Dione Nancolas founded a unique ministry based on the life of Queen Esther called the Spirit of Esther Ministries. The ministry focuses on helping both men and women through different sub-ministries to discover and to walk in their divine purpose. The story of Esther began tracking the life of Hadassah, a young Hebrew orphan girl exiled in Persia, who by divine appointment was brought to the Palace of the King of Persia to join his harem of some 400 women as stated by Jewish Historian Josephus. Hadassah won the King’s heart to become his Queen, all while being disguised as a Persian called Esther.

Many will focus on that aspect of the story, but there’s another side of that same story that is very profound and not often spoken of. Before Esther could become Queen, she and some 400 other young women were put through 12 months of preparing their bodies via a rigid beauty regimen, to go before the King. You must note that this is taking place in Persia and not Israel, and the women of Persia are known among the world for their skin care and beauty through rituals of using many oils on their skin to keep it moisturized and healthy. This is how they could endure wearing their hajib all day in the dry desert temperature where their skin is not exposed to the sun. Persian women are known to have very healthy skin because of their daily beauty regimen. This body grooming regimen was not only for health and cosmetic purposes, but also as a spiritual ritual, to which Esther was subjected to.

Esther’s 12-month regimen included a special diet, exercise, and massages with special oils to release toxins from her body and flush her anatomical system. The regimen was meant to cleanse the body and the human spirit. It is like resetting the body to become anew before she could present herself to her King. It is this regimen that inspired us to research the details of that process and to produce a line that mimicked that ritual, so women could feel connected to one of the most admired women of the bible.

It is our intention to create a full body grooming line, both for health and cosmetics. Each product we create will contain at least one ingredient that was used in Queen Esther’s beauty regimen, and it will be highlighted to tell the story of its origin and benefit(s). We try to be very authentic with our ingredient choices. All products are free from toxins, are natural, and at times vegan, and many will authentically come from Africa, Israel, and/or Persia.

As you enjoy our luxurious and skin-healthy products, know that each product tells a short story of what Esther’s palace experiences must have been like. Each product will represent a piece of the full story of Queen Esther’s journey.

Now, let’s get you immersed in Esther’s story and get you…